About Daniela

I work with clients located all over the world. Please feel free to discuss how this can work for your business.

Who is Daniela Bascelli

With a vision to add value, I constantly embark on learning and creating strategic marketing solutions. My industry training methods and materials have inspired teams to collaborate happily, confidently and to create outstanding marketing solutions that produce a return of investment.

I am an optimist at heart, a proud mother and a happy wife that is immersed in anything that can create a better tomorrow for everyone. I love the outdoors and enjoy the journey of my life that speaks to the soul of the world.


I have a solid track record of accomplishments attained in global digital marketing strategy.

I’m the Marketing & Technology Director at Cara Blu Digital.┬áMy current role at Cara Blu Digital focuses mainly on strategic marketing & collaborative enterprise solutions that include technology and associated training. I have the opportunity to work with premium brands as well as develop strong brands which I thoroughly enjoy.

Cara Blu is a registered proprietary limited company and currently services SME’s and Corporate organisations.

Career Highlights

Global digital marketing strategy award winner on corporate level and nominated for several key-industry categories amongst other marketing led nominations with my team.

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